Top 5 Diamond Heists in History

Diamond is precious and beautiful jewellery, and hence it has been sought by thieves and treasure hunters alike for thousands of years. There are many diamonds, that could be worth millions of rupees, were stolen by thieves. Many costly diamonds that have been stolen were not recovered but the thieves of a few precious stones were arrested and imprisoned. Despite diamond-the most guarded carbon in the world- will continue to be the thieves’ centre of attraction and will be robbed for years to come. Here, we are presenting a list of the top 5 diamond heists in history.

July 2013: Carlton Cannes

On July 2013 in Cannes, France, the largest diamond heist took place ever. On a very clear, frozen Sunday evening, an armed thief entered the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel and stole diamonds, gold and other valuable jewels at $136 million in loot all-together. The thief had worn a baseball cap and scarf, carrying an automatic pistol. He broke in the salon, which was poorly guarded, through a French door and then escaped on foot with the bag containing valuables. The thief has never been arrested and brought to justice.

August 2009: Graff Diamonds, London

Britain’s biggest gem raid took place on 6 August, 2009 when two men wearing suits, posing as wealthy customers, entered the Graff Diamonds store in New Bond Street, London. It was very difficult to recognize them as they had visited a professional artist, who applied latex prosthetics and wigs to change their look. They flashed their guns and forced employees to hand over the jewels valued at a whopping $65 million. They then fled from the store, fired a gunshot to frighten the witnesses, and then drove off in a series of cars. During their speedy escape, they forgot one cell phone in one of their vehicles, which helped police to arrest the criminals. Although, the perpetrators were behind bars, police never recovered the lost jewels.


December 2008: Harry Winston

The robbery happened in December 2008 when three well-dressed women walked into the Harry Winston shop in Paris. These seemingly ladies turned out to be male thieves in disguise. Once inside, they pulled out handguns and hand grenade, attacked several employees and walked out with $108 million worth of jewellery and watches altogether. Police assumed that the thieves were the worker of Pink Panthers- an international gang of robbers whereas the French authorities consider it was an inside job. Later, the thieves have been caught by the police, but some of the jewels were never found.


February 2003: Antwerp Diamond Centre

Took place during the weekend of February in Antwerp diamond district of Belgium, it is considered as the world’s biggest diamond heist. The thieves stole diamonds and other valuable jewels at more than $100 million. All the burglars have covered their face. It is believed that there were five robbers who carried out the heist. Along with the valuable merchandise, they also managed to steal camera footage from the building security cameras so that police did not identify and catch them. However, the leader of the gang, Leonardo Notarbartolo, was later arrested by the police and he served 10 years in prison before being released on parole.


October 1964: The Star of India

The Star of India is the world’s largest sapphire that has stars on both sides. The heist took place on October 29, when three men in a cat-burglar style entered the bathroom window of the New York’s Museum of Natural History, and found that the sapphire was the only gem in the collection that was protected by an alarm. They along with the Star of India robbed stole other jewels all that together valued at more than $400,000. Within two days, the robbers- Jack Murphy, Allen Kuhn and Roger Clark get arrested.


So, if we evaluate all the big diamond heists, we will find at least a couple of things common. First, a perfect and successful thief needs inside assistance. And second, while the burglars may be arrested, the diamonds are almost unrecovered.

Diamonds are a Woman’s First Love


It is hard to find a woman who does not like diamonds. Every woman, no matter which economic class she belongs, swoon over these gorgeous gemstones. And woman from every age group secretly wish to possess this precious stone. Although, the diamond is made of ordinary carbon but the course of time and the process of its creation make it the one of the most desired commodities in the world.

Natural diamond is formed by taking pure carbon and holding it under extremely high pressure and temperatures for thousands, even millions of years. Such conditions make diamonds one of the most expensive and hardest substances. Thus, the meticulous effort that goes into making them and the period of time required in their formation is another reason that explains women’s love for this precious jewel.


The other reason which makes women crave for diamonds is the fact that these are extremely expensive. Though, it must be noted that the cost of a diamond is not measured by jeweller’s given price but by its size, the quality of its cut and polish, and the brilliance of its colour.  The cut, finish, symmetry, colour, size and proportions are a few factors that determine the intensity and brilliance of a diamond.

Diamonds are indestructible and irresistible stones that articulate a tender message of eternal love and the making and the cutting process of diamonds show a true struggle of love. The popular song by Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” helped men to understand what gift their dearest would love to have. To prove their love, men look for the most fabulous diamond jewellery gift for the one who means the most in their life. Women love getting jewellery from men. When a woman receives diamond jewellery as a gift, it makes them feel special and highly prized human being, a woman with eternal beauty and enviable celebrity status.

A man in love with a woman deeply always wishes to give his beloved something that she will definitely like and cherish forever. Therefore, a man should do their research while choosing perfect diamond jewellery for the one with whom he wants to spend his whole life.

Diamonds: Gift of love and affection

Rakhi is a sacred thread embellished with a sister’s love and affection for her brother. After receiving the rakhi from a sister, a brother sincerely takes the responsibility of protecting her sister. In Indian tradition, the rakhi is considered even stronger than the iron chain as it strongly binds a brother and sister in the wheel of mutual love and trust. In return of being tied a rakhi the brother acknowledges her love with a promise that he will remain by her side and protect her from every sorrow in life. Brothers also give token gifts to their sisters.

It has emerged as a fact in the modern times that jewelry is the best gift that will always keep a woman happy. With the Rakhi festival just around the corner all of us are very busy in determining and planning about the gifts & presents that we are willing to offer our sisters.

Diamonds have always been a woman’s best friend which never lose shine. For women diamonds are not just a piece of jewelry, but they exhibit emotions and feelings. Jewelry made of diamonds complements the entire look and redefines the overall appearance. This Raksha Bandhan, choose a jewelry piece as a return gift for your lovely sister to elate her festivity.


This Rakhi jewelry collection has been launched by Dillano luxurious jewels Ltd., which is a top notch ornament brand and is known for its fine quality and precision in India. Jewelry is one of the most precious gift items that can be opted for your siblings. On Raksha Bandhan everyone put on new apparels and become more appealing by wearing elegant jewelry which has also been an Indian tradition. There is hardly a woman who isn’t fond of jewelry. They love to wear jewelry on different occasions. Gold, diamond, platinum, pearl and silver jewelry are the most common ones.

Make your sister light up this year with something sparkling because there is nothing like the gift of fine jewelry. Diamonds are forever and these sparkling stones are dear to every girl and woman. Giving a special piece of jewelry can be exciting. Not only is jewelry always a good bet for gift-giving, it’s also a timeless and lasting marker for this special occasion. Ornaments carry meaning and substance, and they can be a way to present something precious.

Don’t waste time in thinking, there is no other better option than jewelry. Females do have an affair with jewelry, they love it. There is something about these precious stones and metals that adds value to a gift.

How Jewellery Makes a Bride Look Stunning?

Every bride wants to look spectacular on her wedding day and wearing a right jewellery can only help her shine throughout the ceremony. Perfect jewellery not only enhances the beauty of the bride, but it also complement her trousseau. It is not wrong if we say that an Indian bride is incomplete without jewellery that enhances her beauty. There are variety of jewels that cover, almost every important part of the body. But choosing the perfect jewels that match your attire will help you to look gorgeous on your most memorable day.


Be it a diamond necklace or gold, it goes perfectly well with almost every bridal attire. It is the most striking piece of jewellery, worn by the bride. A necklace set comes along with matching ear rings. It makes bridal appearance fabulous if it is worn with a matching dress and if it complements the neckline. It gives elegant, sophisticated and classy look to the bride at the same time.
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Bridal headpieces like Jhoomar, matha patti, and jewelled bun pins have the power to completely change the look of the bride just depending on how it is placed on hair. Tikka is also a part of jewellery that is worn on the forehead. Therefore, most of the bridal hairstyles bear centre parting so that to hold the maang tikka. An embroidered lower placed veil that complements your lehnga or sari may facilitate a headpiece like Jhoomar.

Ear Rings

Ear rings should match the necklace you are wearing. It is better to buy a complete necklace set that contains the matching ear rings. However, there are varieties of ear rings such as large chandelier and dangle pierced ear rings to short loops and studs, from classic and antique ear rings to modern and trendy earrings, depending upon your wedding attire’s colour and design.

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Nose Piece

This is another vital and a beautiful piece of jewellery worn by the bride. This should also be worn while keeping in mind the design and colour of the ear rings and necklace. Also, it should complement the colour of the outfit. Those brides who want to go light on their jewellery can opt for small and dainty nose pins. Whereas the traditional nose ring is known as “Nathini”, which is heavier than nose pins, consisting of a studded nose ring with a long decorated chain hooked up in the hair.


There is a great significance of bride’s bangles on her wedding day. The bride can wear glass, lac, shell, or gold bangles on the day of her marriage. The colour of bangles can be different depending on the religion she originates from.  In north India like Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir, ivory bangles are worn, whereas in Odisha and West Bengal, lac and shell bangles are worn by brides.



A dazzling ring, which is a symbol of eternal love, commitment and a vow of fidelity, also adds up to the grandeur of your wedding ensemble. Generally, the bride wears a Hath phoolhar which has 5 rings for all the fingers, connected with a central piece that is placed in the mid of hand, further attached with a bracelet.


The other embellishments including armlets or arm bands, waist band, toe rings, anklets, and many more that elate the grace and elegance of the bride. All these jewels are available in simple as well as intricate designs, decorated with works of meenakari, kundan, polki, precious & semi-precious stones, jadau, pearls and beads.

Thank You All for Coming to My Party

I would like to thank everyone for gracing my birthday party with your presence on May 08, at Club Pangaea, Hotel Ashok. You all added a bling to my party. I hope everyone enjoyed the party. You all have a distinct place in my life, as it is your love, support and enduring wishes that helped me to accomplish my goals.

You could have texted me if you wanted to. You could have made an excuse if you wanted to. You could have called in sick if you wanted to. You could have sent me a gift to make up for your absence if you wanted to. But I am glad that you chose to do none of this and attended my birthday party by shifting your appointments to another day.

I am also thankful to my fans and patrons who encouraged me in all ventures. Today, Dillano is an international name of repute, just because of my well wishers. Thank You, Once again.





















A passionate designer and the creator of Dillano

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Chitwn has a passion for colour in jewellery as nature is full of colours, themes and invaluable creations. Her concepts are unique and people with aesthetic sense recognised her creations with little or no efforts. Jewellery designing is her first love and she like to devote most of the time in conceptualising new themes, ideas and concepts to present incredible jewellery.

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